Meet Jeannette

With more than 20 years of public service in Ventura, I am running to continue our work on the City Council as a representative for District 4.

Since being appointed a year and a half ago, I was able to hit the ground running and have worked alongside stakeholders, constituents, and community organizations to ensure residents have a voice in our community to work on sustainable solutions. Such work includes our new streamlining ordinance, firefighters strategic plan, and Main Street Moves. I look forward to completing the work that provides solutions to issues that affect Ventura families such as affordable housing, homelessness, and economic development.


*Partial list

Elected Officials:

Erik Nasarenko - former District 4 Councilmember, VC District Attorney

Salud Carbajal - Congressman, District 24

Jacqui Irwin - Assemblymember, District 44

Steve Bennett - Assemblymember, District 37

Monique Limón - Senator, District 19

Matt LaVere - Ventura County Supervisor, District 1

Cesar Morales - VTA County Board of Education Superintendent

Sofia Rubalcava - Mayor, Ventura City Council

Joe Schroeder - Deputy Mayor, Ventura City Council

Doug Halter - Councilmember, Ventura City Council

Jim Friedman - Councilmember, Ventura City Council

Mike Tracy - former Ventura Mayor, former Police Chief

Ken Corney - former Ventura Police Chief

Sandy Smith - former Ventura Mayor

Carl Morehouse - former Ventura Mayor

Dianne McKay - Ventura County Community College Trustee, Area 2


Ventura County Democratic Party

Stonewall Democrats of Ventura County

Democratic Club of Ventura

Central Coast Labor Council

Local 805 Carpenters Union

SEIU 721

Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund

Ventura Chamber of Commerce PAC

Latinas Lead CA

LiUNA! Local 585

Ventura Police Officers Association PAC

Ventura Sierra Club

Community Members:

Madhu Bajaj, Ventura Resident

Margaret Curley, Ventura Resident

Mike Marostica, Ventura Resident

Anthony Ventura, Ventura Resident

Rosie Ornelas, Ventura Resident

Sal Flores, Ventura Resident

Ron Harrington, Ventura Resident

Marta Castellanos, Ventura Resident

Karie Portillo-Guerra, Ventura Resident

Betty Trist, Ventura Resident

Joseph Summers, Ventura Resident

Diantha Kelly, Ventura Resident

Donna Roberts, Ventura Resident

Ingrid Morales, Ventura Resident

Eduardo Morales, Ventura Resident

247 Los Altos Walk, Ventura CA 93004