Aligning education and job industry demands

When the alignment doesn’t occur, would-be employees don’t reach their earnings potential, and good paying jobs go unfilled. Jeannette will work to expand partnerships in Ventura County – encompassing education, economic and workforce development programs with targeted industry partners – to join forces to strengthen Ventura County's talent pipeline.

Supporting partnerships with businesses to build a strong workforce

Our success is increasingly dependent upon the development of a strong, skilled workforce. To prepare Ventura County residents for careers that not only provide jobs today, but will continue to support them and their families for decades to come, a collective effort—spanning government, education and industry—is required.

Ensuring everyone has access to higher education and training

Thanks to the long history of innovation and evolution at Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura Colleges, for many they are the gateway to higher education at an affordable cost. Jeannette is committed to public education and determined to see every student receive the same opportunity that community college provided for her to earn a Master’s Degree.